Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on The Sharon Roads Project

 I caught up with the paving crew from Water's Construction today out on White Hollow Road in Sharon. Completed thus far are Swaller Hill, West Cornwall and Calkinstown Roads. Actually there was a small crew going around on Calkinstown finishing driveways and road egresses this morning. The paver was approaching Gavel Cabin Road by The Church Farm this morning around 8:15 or so. I bet they hit the town line by Friday if things stay good for them.

Church's Flat's

I wanted to complement the Town of Sharon on this project from not just the paving aspect, but for the fact that local men are working on it as well. Pictured here is Tim Marks, who adds a lot of fun to any project he is involved with. Tim is great friend and I think one of the only guys I know who is a die-hard Minnesota Viking fan (notice the purple and gold hat) residing here in Sharon. Marrying a "Minnesotan" might have had something to do with that!  :)

      Also working on this project on a part-time basis helping the clerk-of-the-works is our own Dick Carley. Dick is a retired State of Connecticut  D.O.T. man who dealt with blacktop installation for a career. He's probably been involved in more projects all around our state than many other professionals.

I had a nice two-minute chat with Dick this morning, and he informed me that he was really enthused about the work. He said the company is top-notch, the men extremely conscientious about the job they are doing and he is proud to be involved. He said the Town of Sharon was very wise to do this on their own, using their own resources (loans) and not involving the state in all that it would take to deal with them (grants). He also said these layers of asphalt will provide a really great base for years and years, something which many of the roads in Sharon have never had. I must admit. I think I saw a real twinkle in his eye and I could tell he was really enjoying being able to use the knowledge which he had from years of experience with the state, to use it here in Sharon. Other Sharon men have been involved as well I know. Tom Alden and Todd Anderson I believe also have been on traffic control at various stages, although I did not see them today.

So the roads project is progressing. How far they get depends on the weather. Lets hope for another couple of good weeks. When weather closes in, the asphalt plant closes, and they will start again in the spring. I like what someone said to me yersterday. They said they liked this project because everyone (well, almost everyone) in Sharon at one time or another uses our roads. Thus, we all get something out of it. They said a new roof on the school, or a new soccer field may not be used by everyone, but a road, now there we all get to use them. Point taken.

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