Friday, December 31, 2010


It wasn't that long ago I was looking at this view....... August 26th to be exact...

Here's today's view....December 31st....

The time from then to now seems like a flash, a blink of the eye. I remember that morning like it was yesterday. Could my mind jump ahead to a spring view, with frogs croaking, lilies starting to blossom, and mosquitoes coming in the door of the truck as I prepare to take the picture?

 The new year starts in just an hour or so. This year with my blog has been fun. It has been a challenge at times, but such an enjoyment at others. My Nikon has enabled me to go and see and do things that just months ago I was only dreaming. For it, I am thankful. I have enjoyed the ride. I hope you have too.

Tune in tomorrow, and find out who I have selected to win my award that I promised. My Person or perhaps Persons of the Year.
Remember, this is all for fun, so have fun with it!

Oh, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to All!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

just went Waybackin'.....

We escaped to Torrington this evening for a "date" and to do some initial shopping on some appliances at Home Depot, as that's the nearest "showroom" to see lots of appliances at one time in one place in the evening. We looked at washers, dryers, stoves, friges, exhaust that enough?

But that's not what I wanted to write about. I thought I'd give a plug to Jake's Wayback Burgers, located in Torrington. Jake's is new to the northwest corner, and I read a review about a week or so ago that spiked my interest. So, tonight after our shopping, we gave them a try. We both had cheeseburgers (mine was a bit bigger) and chips, which are made there. Chips, not french fries, which they make there as well. Our review: quite good! And also fairly priced for what we got I felt. So, if you're in the mood for a nice burger, I suggests you give them a try. They also have salads, and shakes, and gardenburgers and more. Check'em out!

This is their Burg of the month--no, I didn't have it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Headed towards Murphy's.......

With each passing year, it always amazes me how this tree just keeps hanging in there. I'm not sure if the pic's do it justice just exactly how far this tree really leans into this local town road. If you are a delivery person, with a delivery box truck, I would imagine you'd better be paying real close attention at this "almost an underpass" or you'll be going home with a chopped off truck.

I'm thinking it might be fun to post a "Warning-Low Bridge" sign on the tree.......

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

everyone knows it's "windy".....

I got home this evening around 6 p.m., and for the first time in what seems like days, it was semi-quiet when I got here. The trees were not howling at me! As I sit here now, I don't feel like my address is 14 Wind Tunnel Drive, which is the way it's been since Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to a quiet evening around the house, and will enjoy not worrying whether or not the power will be going out.

Yesterday I was out for just a few moments, and this was a photo shot from up on Low Road. The town crews certainly had their hands full with this and other roads. I bet they are all sleeping pretty well tonight.

Person of The Year Award......

 For a few weeks I have been thinking about doing a special in my blog, which I briefly mentioned a few days back. The special would be that I choose someone who I think deserves recognition. Deserves some praise. Maybe a round of atta-boys too. Perhaps a couple of BIG thank-you's. I think that they shall be the winner (or perhaps winners) of a very prestigious award. My "Person of the Year Award" for the Year 2010.

Now you may be asking what exactly makes this person, or perhaps people, deserving of such an award? Well, for starters they will have had to have done something which makes them deserving. Perhaps coached a champion baseball or basketball team here in town. Perhaps pulled someone from a burning car. Perhaps lobbied for some improvement which effect ALL of us here in Sharon, and in a real positive way. Maybe brought our town some credit it was due. Or perhaps maybe gave us all something to believe in and to be thankful for. Something along those lines will probably be part of the makeup for the award.

Now, the prize for winning such an award? Perhaps dinner for two at The Millerton Dairy Queen would be nice. Or maybe a dinner for two at Johnny's Restaurant in Canaan. Or better yet would be an afternoon lunch for four at The Raven. I mean, this is a special prize for a special person(s), and they should get what's coming to them. And, posterity that will last. At least till next years award....

So, be ready for the announcement on New Year's Day. It is sure to be earth-shaking! Many of you will be running to dcl page looking for that announcement, like a teenager to Facebook™.

Monday, December 27, 2010

One day closer to day closer to spring....

I think that I kept saying the above to myself yesterday as the first flakes started to fall.

 Now, just so you know, I don't mind a little snow. Heck, I can even like a storm or two. But I have to admit, the storm of yesterday afternoon thru, well right now, we're still feeling its effects at 9pm on Monday evening.....anyways, this was not one I particularly cared for. How one can say we got a foot of snow, or two, or 17.5 inches of snow is beyond me. This wind hasn't stopped at my home since yesterday afternoon. I bet its still blowing at perhaps thirty or more miles per hour and gusting to 40 or 50. It sounds like I live in a wind tunnel! Regardless, we all got a bunch of snow, the plow trucks have been extremely busy keeping roads open, as compared to just plowed. Drifts is the word everyone is using. I took a break from my store today for thirty minutes to check my driveway at home, and to catch a few sights. I got a whole bunch of amazing shots, but I thought this one was pretty neat. It kind of gives a good perspective on blowing snow. day day closer........

Tomorrow will be a better day. I'll sleep on that tonight.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prep for the Blizzard of 2010

 Ahhh, nothing like a little snowy forecast to make people nervous. To go along with that, nothing like a blizzard forecast to make people panic-buy on gasoline and milk and bread. Having once owned the nutmeg pantry for 17+ years, I got to live through it many times. I must admit, as a once-up-on-a-time Boy Scout, I know the golden rule of "be prepared". But you know what? Some people are like crazy-acting when it comes to being prepared. People will fill up their cars with gas to go no where but sit in a garage. They'll buy two gallons of milk when they drink about a pint a day. They'll buy bread to make enough sandwiches to feed both the home team AND the visiting team! Its crazy!

Today I went down to buy a few gallons of gas in the emergency need for a generator just when the flakes started to fall. Hopefully' I'll be pouring it into my lawnmower next spring. To see the people buying gas was on the edge of chaos. Cars were at times headed in about fourteen directions. Horns were blowing. Amazing!  Of course, the trailer was there dumping fuel, so that added to the chaos.

I hope you all stay safe during the storm, and that the worst thing that happens is you get two bills from your snow-plower for this storm. As they said on Hill Street Blues, "stay safe out there".....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

     Well, once again Santa showed up at my house, and there were a few presents under the tree for each family member. I hope he stopped bye your home as well.  My sweater drawer just got a perk-up, but no socks this year!  But with each passing year, I just realize that all I really want for Christmas are my kids to be home with us. I want them around, with their fresh minds to take me back with their "remember the time...." stories. To worship with them on Christmas Eve. To watch them eat foods this year that just a few years ago they were going "yuck". To watch them beam as we share a box of chocolate-covered crackers from Munsons. (a tradition started with their grandparents, Gigi and Pop, and Heberts Chocolate-covered crackers.) To see them sit and read new books they each got as gifts. Something new is added this year.....watching them check in with the world and friends on their iphones. And Clare as well reading a book(First Family-John and Abigail Adams) on her ipad (her one piece of technology I surprised her with a few months ago). The fire in the fireplace brings comfort as we all are just enjoying this day in our quiet way. Some "chowda" from Maggie and Paul will be our supper in a bit, and I bet I can find a glass of sauvignon blanc to accompany if I look around (hey, theres got to be a perk or two!). I know these types of Christmases are probably slipping away quickly, so I am listening to everyone, and taking many pictures.
     So Santa was once again good to me, and in my proud way, here is a picture of my best Christmas presents that I have ever received.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

It's my blog right? I can do what I want, right? It says so, right in the intro, from when I first started this ride. Come along for the ride if you want....I hope this doesn't scare people off, but I am going to make a statement. I love Christmas, for I am a believer. Not a daydream believer, like The Monkee's song, but a Christian believer. Tonight is without a doubt my favorite night of the year. Christmas Eve in Sharon. Tonight I worshipped with my family at St. Bernard's RC Church in Sharon @ 6pm as they are Catholics. And following that we attended the candlelight service at my church, Sharon Congregational. A very special evening with family, and with many good friends. At my church, our Christmas collection for almost 30 years has been given, 100% to The Hospital Albert Schweitzer, in Haiti. From the nation with the most, to one nation with almost the very least. And just a few hundred miles from America. Our donations have done much good for many years. We will continue this probably as long as our church exists. The little house in the photo below was made for us by some of those island people years ago.

It all makes sense.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And how was your day before the day before going?

I Love Christmas. I love it for its story. I am a Christian, a believer and I do my best to practice my religion. I love my Christmas Eve Candlelight Service service (8PM--Sharon Congregational if you want to come). (See picture below....)

     But my entry today is really not about my faith, my church or my God. It's about my new Christmas ornament. If you read my blog, you know that I said our family has a pretty neat collection of Christmas ornaments. No big collectable/money thing. It's more about the look and the style or perhaps the story of the ornament that is our "thing". Well, on to todays blog. Clare found an ornament a few weeks back that I giggled when I saw it, and I just thought pretty much summed up how so many of us may be feeling about now. I hope you get as big a chuckle as I did..........................................................................

Cute, huh?

Watch for my Person of the Year Award, which I will be announcing on January 1st. More details coming in the next few days....stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

who needs a flash!

 I had to travel out of town the other night, and at the bottom of Bunker Hill in Cornwall is the old Kenniston Farm. (It may still be their farm?) Anyways, each year for years they tastefully place a wreath on the silo with a flood light shining on it. Again, just a nice statement. I jumped out of the car and took this shot with no flash, just the flood and moonlight. Of course, I had a bit of movement because of no tripod, but it still gives you a good feel for how it was that evening. Even enough light for clouds.....pretty cool...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bright moonlight tonight...

I had a delivery this evening after closing the store. After I dropped it off, I realized I had no pic for tonight, so I was giving thought as to where to go with my blog. What came to me as I sat in my truck upon leaving the customers house was the cold and the moonlight. I drove back down into the old-town Sharon and here was a sight I came upon. Thought it was neat with the moonlight, the candles in the windows and the one light missing. Makes me wonder if the bulb burnt out, or it just wasn't turned on perhaps. I had said last week I might do some different decorated themes around town. Here is another on a great old historic home.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

pastel skies

Anybody catch the sunset this evening, or the moments immediately following?

Sunset from Deer Run

Amazing skies can happen this time of year around here. It really pays to look up....

Turkey Ridge-Sharon

Saturday, December 18, 2010

it's Shadow Man............!

Today's post is a rip-off. I am ripping the idea (for the photo) from my friend Brent. He did this little camera shot for himself earlier this week and used it on his Twitter™ account. I tried the same thing with my camera and it worked as well for me too. 

So watch-out earthlings....for Shadow-Men will soon be everywhere, and who knows where that will lead......... 

(the hard part is finding pants that are long enough!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

A two-post day......

This evening, at The Sharon Town Hall, a town meeting was held. I arrived late due to a dinner date with my bride, but was there just in time for a vote. Here is the exact wording from the town meeting notice
3. To see what action the Town Meeting might have for the Board of Selectmen on the question of a possible discontinuance of a portion of the right-of-way on Mitchelltown Road at the request of Metz Family Enterprises LLC. Notice: Advisory Issue Only. No binding action will be taken. 
This topic brought out a full hall in the Chapin Room, with people standing in the hall (that would be me... and others).

As I said , I arrived late, so I just heard the final bit of discussion, and then the call of the vote by the moderator.

It was a show of hands vote (keep them up!)....

 of those who agreed to NOT enter into any study or agreement to consider the afore mentioned item.

The citizenship has voted, and I believe it was unanimous.

sights in Sharon, Connecticut....12/17/2010

Not sure if I was the only crazy person out taking pictures in the cold this morning.... I think it was about ten degrees above (f˚) when I took these early this morning. It just was such a pretty scene despite the cold....

Two friends who are such avid runners ran near bye and they committed that it was a really lovely morning as well. Never though I'd say 10 above was lovely, especially for running, but, hey....anybody can change....after these photos I ran too.........back to my truck where the heater was on!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Whhhhaaaaaaa-waaaaaaaaaa......." (the sounded of a muted horn)

A very good friend gave me a real Charlie Brown Christmas Tree today. I said thank-you, and smiled. I guess they know I'll give it a good home. It really is a Charlie Brown Tree. It even say so on the base. I didn't bring it home yet. At home we don't have a Charlie Brown tree. We have one of the most magnificent trees, so beautifully decorated. My wife could be a professional tree decorator, she does such a beautiful tree. I kind of feel like Lucy right now, and want to say something like,"Gee it sure is nice to have such a beautiful Christmas Tree, but you know what?.....that little Charlie Brown tree is pretty special too....." 

Kinda makes one stop and think........

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time for some fun....

Do you know these characters? Ever seen them around? Do you really know them? Nice looking guys right? Pleasant looking, friendly types, right?  Upstanding citizens with lovely wives and children you think, correct? Look at that smile on the one on the right....friendly right?

If this was 35-40 years ago, and you saw these two together like this, your thoughts might not quite be the same. You might think of hiding your keys. Perhaps staying clear by at least 50-100 feet. You'd think of hiding your children (NOT REALLY!) and you'd definitely stay out of their way. These guys were like the James Gang and Bonnie & Clyde all rolled up into one! They ruled the roost around Sharon and left a trail of.............

I can't say all that. Its not true. These are two home-town boys who made good. Who stayed here and have been part of the lore of the small town of Sharon. One does have a bit more lore than the other, but both nice men. If you don't know them, make it a point to introduce yourself to them sometime. Make sure with the one on the left, if you start a conversation with them, that you have plenty of time. He's known to "chat" a bit......

On the left, may I introduce to you David George "Dave" Wilbur, son of Odge, from Odge's Egg's fame, and on the right, Michael F. Amerighi, son of Frederucci Amerighi, master mason and brick-layer of Sharon and the northwest corner for many, many years. Old friends for many, many years, and for sure, a part of the lore of Sharon, again, one more than the other..... I'll let you guess as to who has the "more lore" reputation....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mountain lights

 Up here in my neck of the woods, known by many as Sharon Mountain, one of my neighbors loves to decorate his house and yard for different holidays other than just Christmas. With that said, he certainly probably spends more time for sure on the Christmas lights however. I was thrilled when he first started doing it years ago, and I look forward to it each see what changes he may do. I especially like his flying Rudolph and sleigh....always a favorite of mine. If you've never seen it, come take a ride up Jackson Road this holiday season, and bring the kids!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is this The Year of The Wreath?

Is it just me or are more people using wreaths to decorate with this year? It is like they are everywhere, which, if you sell wreaths, is a good thing!

And another, well actually four......

oh yes...a few more......

Christmas Wreath History

The first sign of Christmas is the hanging of the Christmas wreath from the front door of the house. People take a lot of pain to make their wreaths look different from those of the other people. However, most of them have never ever tried to find out the history and origin of the Christmas wreath. If you are one of the few people who are as much interested in knowing Christmas wreath history as in hanging the wreath, this is the right article for you. Read on to know about Christmas wreath origin.

The origin of the Christmas wreath dates back to the ancient cultures of the Persian Empire. During that time, wreaths were believed to be a symbol of importance as well as success. They were much smaller in size than the present ones and were known as 'diadems'. People used to wear the wreaths as headbands, sometimes along with jewels also. Somewhere around the 776 BC, Greeks started placing wreaths, made of laurel, on the head of the athletes who came first in the Olympic Games.

Even in ancient Rome, the chief of leaders, like Julius Caesar, used to wear wreath on his head, just like the crown of a king. The transition of the wreaths from a headgear to a wall/door decoration is not known with much accuracy. However, it is believed that once an athlete decided to save the headgear as a souvenir of his/her victory. From then onwards, started the tradition of using wreaths as a Christmas door/wall decoration.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A true angel, if you are a believer.....

Saturday was such a busy day I am sure for all of us. Shopping. Working. Baking. Wrapping. Going to and fro. Planning. Light parades. Parties. So many things to do. I was minding my own business, watching the shoppers coming and going at The Center, when I had to do a double take. Out of a vehicle right in front of my store (not a sleigh) came this man to see just me! I grabbed my Nike and he stopped and posed for me for just two shots. He had just a very few moments to spend with me, but we had some matters to discuss. I hadn't seen him in some time, and I felt honored that he took a moment from his busy schedule of day cares and nursing homes to stop and visit with me only, and to wish me well. Santa, you made my day. I really mean that. Thank you.

He wished me well, and spoke of his travels. I wished him well, and sent him off to do his important work. This guy in the red suit is an angel. The good he does each year at nursing homes, day cares, parties and more cannot be matched. He really is the real deal.

 Yes, there is a Santa Claus, and we are so lucky he visits the northwest corner.
Good to see you my old friend!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sharon's Festival of Light Parade

Saturday night we found ourselves down on the green to watch the Light parade, sponsored by the Sharon Fire Department. I think this was Sharon's third, maybe fourth parade of this type. Decorated vehicles run from old (Sharon's old Reo firetruck from the 1930's) to new (many firetrucks) from large ( firetrucks, tractors, both large and small, to small (really small motorcycles---and I mean really small!!) And lets not forget sirens! And air horns! Yee Haw! It was a heck-of-a-good-time! Lot's of pic's, so I'll stop talking, and let the pictures talk for me....

So, there's some quick pic's from Saturday's parade. I loved them all, especially the little motorbikes and the Jeeps with LED lights.....and Scotty with his BIG Ford Tractor and hay rake I got a real kick out of. I love that he takes time from farming, to decorate not only the tractor and rake, but a big hay wagon as well, and has his sister and neices and nephews and friends on board. Very good. Memories those children (and adults) will have for a lifetime.

 I'll end with this one last shot. The "reason for the season". A-men.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas at The Center..

Where is The Center you're probably saying? The merchants have renamed the plaza in Sharon The Center (amongst ourselves thus far) because we felt, what with the new market coming, that we needed a whole new name and outlook to go with the new market, our new exterior painting and our new signage. The stores were built for the most part way back in the 60's, and it has always been the Sharon Shopping Center. We just thought, why not, lets all start-anew!

Tonight for the first time for all of us, we had a Christmas Shopping and Open House Event with everyone participating. At the Sharon Pharmacy I caught Dave reading the sports page at a quiet moment. He said that they had a good number of folks in, and felt it was a success for the first time trying something new.

At my store, Rick's Wine & Spirits, I had a representative of Millbrook Vineyard on hand for a wine tasting. We had probably 30 to 40 people stop in and give the wines a try. We sold a few as gifts, and some more just for normal consumption. Tim Krause was the rep, and he was very nice to explain characteristics about each wine to the people as they came in and sampled. It was a pleasure to have him there. We will be tasting their wines again on Saturday if interested!

Santa and some of his elves made an appearance at The Sharon Farm Market for a bit this afternoon and early evening. I am told those who saw him had a great time. He was already gone by the time I showed up with my camera however.

At Shear Illusions, the hair salon in the Center,  Becky the owner, and a few of her staff hosted a nice little feed and drink for those attending. This was her way of saying Merry Christmas to her customers and anyone who wanted to stop by. This has been an annual event for them for a number of years now. When I was there, there were folks from about 6 months or so, to well, older.... A nice time was had!

At the Webster Bank, they couldn't really do any banking per se, but they did provide some Hot Chocolate, eggnog, cookies and more. Mary Millet was on hand to visit and say hi representing the bank, and it was nice to have them involved!

At The Bodhi Tree, that great little new shop now entering their second season in Sharon, the place was aglow and just really festive. I heard they even had musicians to calm the shoppers with some nice soothing rhythms. Sweet!

After closing, I went out for dinner with Clare, and when we came back, the illuminaria were still glowing, and they looked neat with the snow sifting down.

So, the first attempt for the merchants at The Center has come and gone.  I think we learned a lot, and found some things that didn't work, and found some that did. Considering how bitter it had been today, the fact that as many came out as they did was pretty remarkable. Speaking for myself, I am very thankful to all that came to show their support of us with this new endeavor. Hopefully, we can do it again next year, but with a few tune-ups from lessons learned this time. Our group of merchants is meeting monthly so watch for more things as time moves along!

Next Thursday, the 16th, it will be Men's Night at The Center, with more things happening. Watch this space for an announcement on either Sunday or Monday.

Thanks again everyone!