Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy Saturday morning out front of my store!

You know, so many organizations do so many good things for people in our area and many far away as well. I could probably do a months worth of daily inputs on good deeds being done. Today was one of the really important ones in my mind. Out front of my store, and the pharmacy, the ladies from The Sharon Women's Club were out in force selling baked goods, raffle tickets and Christmas wreaths to benefit the Sharon Fuel Fund. As I understand it, they raise funds which are then used strictly for purchasing home heating oil for needy folks in our town. What a caring concern for these ladies to undertake. There were lots of people bustling in and around when I could check in on them. They were there from 9 to 1, and I saw almost no food left over, and the wreaths seemed to be flying by what I could judge.

If you weren't there to participate, and you have a five dollar bill, or a ten or whatever you can do, PLEASE, find a Women's Club member and donate, or drop the organization a check.....PLEASE. Your donation could be the difference to help keep someone warm, or their pipes from freezing. That's the Sharon Women's Club....Sharon, Ct. 06069   
I'm sure they'll see it gets used it wisely.

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