Tuesday, November 16, 2010

foggy morning...

Tuesday morning was quite foggy in the Sharon Area. Thick as pea soup ("you eat what you want....") in some areas. I enjoyed a few quiet moments down south today. My first stop was at a field that was putting up new life, while everything around it is going to sleep for the winter. I'm presuming it to be winter rye.

I'm not always sure that small towns get back from the capitol what they send in. I know our elected fight for us, but I am not so sure that those with the greatest need don't probably win out more often than not. Where we have made some gains I believe in recent years has been when Hartford "purchases" lands (usually farm lands), and either turns them over to land trusts or enables farmers to stay and continue to farm, but relieving the farmer of taxes and giving them an influx of monies with which to work. One of Sharon's nicest lands was preserved not that long ago. The photo above is the northern corner of it. It stretches alongside Westwood's, down close to Boland, and west over toward Mix's.

To know that this view will still be there, basically, 100 years from now, so that the next generations can enjoy, is great. And on a clear day, you can see forever, and ever, and ever.......

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