Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving is not complete till..

we all sing Alice's Restaurant.. Around the house on Friday evening we gathered with our small family and good friends to work on the leftovers. The turkey was made into a turkey-pasta casserole-dish. All the rest of the leftovers were still in their original form. And geez, they all tasted so good! Of course, there was a couple bottles of wine, plenty of Harney Tea's and pie. 

Not as much pie as the night before, when we celebrated with pie island!

I wanted to get a post up last evening with our meal, but couldn't get to the computer, as temporary bedding was in the way, so today is a two-day entry.

My immediate family is pretty small, but some folks are good to travel back to Sharon from out-of-town and join and celebrate with us. My brother-in-law Steve, and daughter Molly from Staten Island, sister-in-law Maggie, her husband Paul and daughter Lily (from Exeter, N.H.) along with daughter Catherine (from college) and her boyfriend Adam, and son Andrew (Alexandria, Va.) were all able to spend some part of the Thanksgiving week with us. They were all there for "meal" on Thursday. For dessert on Thursday and on Friday, the Bartram Family joined in as well (Tom, Sharm, Erin & Emily). And Allison Holst-Grubbe came in from Hartford as well on Friday night.

Thanksgiving, and life in general, is what we make of it. We miss our loved ones who have gone before us, and others who are far away and have their own immediate families and doing their thing together. So, we are happy that our friends can join us each year, share food and laughs, song and even an occasionally dance step to The Beatles or whatever else is flowing. Of course, there is football on in the living room, if you feel the need to see Detroit and Dallas get wooped...

We do the best we can to celebrate and give thanks, as we have much to be grateful for, not just this day, but every day. I hope that all of you had a great holiday, and that the coming days and weeks bring you much happiness as we prepare for my personal favorite holiday, Christmas.

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