Monday, May 11, 2009

Note to Town Fathers--Public Toilets

OK, I am really going to get away from Down Country Lanes normal, and just go for something way different. Sharon needs public toilets and they need them now! Just today people came to my store looking for help as they were doing laundry at the laundromat, and nature called. What were they to do? There is no place to send them...

For more than seventeen years, when I owned nutmeg pantry, I had to tell people I didn't have a public restroom. Tommy had one @ the Country Corner, but after about ten people ask to use it, and never spend a penny with you, well he did like anyone would have done. He put up the "For Patron's Only" sign. Trotta's did the same. Flip ahead to today, years later: xtramart still doesn't have one nor does anyone else at the "plaza" end of town that is open to the public without being a customer. Is that fair in this day and age? You know what it's like when you can't find a restroom. It's maddening, not to mention a few other things.

So, I am putting out this plea to the powers at be in Sharon. How about studying the possibility of a small building, like the one at the beach perhaps, or at the ball field. Perhaps it could be built behind xtramart, or in the plaza maybe, where it could tied into the town water and septic. It possibly could be locked during winter months, as travelers are much fewer then.

If not, maybe we as business people should start sending people to the town hall for their "needs". I doubt many would trek there, but they might. Of course, they couldn't go till 9, closed for lunch for an hour (huh?) and no Saturday or Sunday's.

Bet that might help spur some investigation.


  1. One of the problems Sharon has is that the business community (such as it is) is removed from downtown. In Salisbury, for example, if it's Mon-Fri between 9-5, you can stroll into Town Hall to relieve yourself or (after hours) the White Hart.

    What about the motor lodge? Do they let people use the facilities?

    I have a solution I'm sure the planning and zoning types in Sharon would love. How about a bank of porto-potties in the Trotta's parking lot?

  2. As someone who has had to avail herself of the Rick's Wine and Spirits restroom on a number of occasions...YES Sharon needs some bathrooms downtown!