Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010 10:15PM

I Love my wife! Let me go on record, right here in my blog. I Love my wife! We needed to get the new window decorations in the store window tonight, and it involved some new offerings, so we needed more time. The star is new, so I needed to figure how to secure and power. Inside there are new ceiling decorations.  More trees were added to the window. We did all this between 7:30 and we just finished @ 10:15. After we both had worked long days. But we knocked it out, and made the December 1st deadline. (so we had an hour and 45 to spare!)

Clare is the talent behind my window displays. She has the vision, as we walk down an aisle in a store two months ago, she see's something, and knows it will work. She see's things in January we can use in May or July. I love my wife!

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