Saturday, November 27, 2010

And the dogs were around too...

My posting yesterday showed some of the family and friends who were in for the holiday. We also had some four-legged critters in, which is something we personally don't have any of.

First meet Maizie, a bichon frise, who is my brother-in-laws dog. A very "mature" dog, she doesn't do much any more, except sleep, and go for an occasional walk. Here is my niece Lily  exercising Maize...

Also in attendance was Rosie, who is my sister-in-laws pup. She is a pretty quiet, shy reserved dog in the house, but get her outside, and she loves to run, as you can judge she is doing in this picture.  She is a great help around the kitchen too. If anything hits the floor food-wise, no worries....Rosie had it covered!

Not at home, but at my store, I have an occasional visitor who I get a real kick out of. While her name escapes me, she is some small European breed of dog with this cute smug-little face and no tail so it seems. Her master showed me her latest dance moves on the dance floor in front of my checkout counter. These three can come visit anytime.

I admit I don't mind dogs, in fact probably like many dogs more than their masters. I grew up with labs and bigger dogs, so I am still a bit hesitant around smaller dogs. I know they are great for certain people, and that's cool. But if I were to be raising one, I think my druthers would be for a golden, black or perhaps chocolate lab.

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