Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Eve... 2013

What's your favorite Easter memory? Coloring eggs? Cadbury cream eggs? Easter egg hunts? An Easter vacation to some sunny island retreat?

I have been thinking about this question off and on for the last few days and one memory keeps coming back. A sunrise service with Clare up on East Street, then down to my Mom and Dads on Lovers Lane. While Mom was getting up for the day, we took a camera and walked down Lovers Lane and at the foot of the hill we walked in on the path and took pictures of water coming over the rocks at Sharon Falls. There was still some cool icicles, (as it was still cold evenings) hanging along the edges and the sun was now shining down the brook and the views were just so special. In my minds eye, I can still see the beauty all these years later.

Following some fun times which included getting my feet wet as I recall, we walked back up to Mom and Dads, enjoyed a great breakfast, including drinking orange juice from her tiny green glasses. Tomorrow, Clare, Cat and I will continue that tradition and enjoy juice and raise a toast to Mom and Dad.

We hope your Easter is filled with special memories this year.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet Sunshine

Living in the northwest corner of Connecticut in mid to late March can be frustrating. The sun is higher, and if the wind is friendly (hopefully non-existant), you can get an occasional dose of "spring-fever". Well, if we have had a long winter of cold winds and blowing snow, we just get all the more anxious for spring to really arrive. Last year, be basically had no winter. This year, it has been cold, we did have some snow, and well, global warming is not really on anyones minds right now. Of late ( meaning the last few weeks) its been a lot of cold and "grey". Today, the sun blessed us for much of the day. The clouds were white and puffy, and at times it started to feel like spring really is coming. Watching customers, and those just passing by the window, you knew it was a happy day out there. Let's hope for more to come....soon!

My brace allowed me to work okay today, putting away much of the deliveries which came in and all went well. Marj was able to come in @ 2, and stayed till 5, so that was a big help. Good help is extremely hard to find. When I took over this store, some sixteen years ago already, cousin Sue came with it. She was good for years as my part-time help, till her heath slowed her. After Sue for many years Marsha worked and she was great too. She moved on last year, by her choice. I felt like I won a lottery when Marj agreed to work for us on a part-time basis. She has been a fine addition. And of course, there's Al. Everyone knows Al. And, well, if everyone knows you, then, hey, that says a lot by itself, no? Banker by day. Constant supportive employee at nights and weekends. I am very thankful for all of these people.

Lifestar flew out of Sharon this morning. I pray that whomever needed that service that they are doing better now than before they flew out to wherever they went (probably St. Francis or Hartford Hospital).

Just watched five minutes of the Selectman's meeting on cable-access Chanel 6. Moved on to Delaware-North Carolina Lady basketball. Nuff said.

Multi-tasking now. Just brought up Castle on another browser. Basketball muted on the tv, Castle on the computer, Clare alongside me doing sewing on costumes for Good Friday Service and my keyboard to bore you all right here.

Castle is getting good, so's the game....time to run.
We'll be talking to ya.

Monday, March 25, 2013

~....UConn Lady Basketball, is up 45-24 with 15 to go against Vanderbilt. Keep em' marching Geno... ! I know he smiles all the way to bank, but it must be tough, to some degree, being the coach he is. Connecticut has no "professional" team to root for, but we do have UConn sports. Not sure what the population of Connecticut is but there are days when 9/10 of it is expressing their "expert opinion" on  how well he or the men's coach (Kevin Ollie) is doing, or did the previous evening........

Had my big dressing and splint removed today from my left hand. The finger looked good. I was feeling psyched. Then the doctor said he cut my tendon (on purpose) to do the repair, so I have to wear a splint for two more weeks. Dang.  I'll put up a picture at the end. Dang. But it's gonna be okay. This to shall pass.'s 61-34 now, with 9:41 to go now.  You know, people in our neck of the woods are really nice. So many asked about my splint today, and sent good wishes. Nice folks..caring. Another reason (like we need one) to appreciate living here....

I heard from Bob in Virginia this morning, who wished me well with my "new blog filler". I wonder if he was laughing, or serious? He a career airman. I am sure he was serious. Thanks Bob... FLASH!!  Oh, what a pass! Five to go, and it's 71-38, UConn.

You don't realize reading this how long it is taking me to type this. My splint keeps hitting wrong keys, causing mistakes, leading to correcTIONS....
....if you know Jenny or Fred, please don't show this blog to them. They are so smart about grammar and such...they'll let me have it both barrels for sure! :) Final Score...77-44 UConn goes to The Sweet 16! What a surprise! Go Geno go.

Tomorrow will be a long day. Orders are coming in, and I'm on by myself till 2. One thing at a time Rick. One thing at a time.

We'll be talkin' to ya.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I used to wander with my camera all over town, and well, I collected a lot of pictures. Problem is, I grew bored with it. I tried to let it rest, and then go back, and it worked once or twice, but, it really seems dead now. I just can't get warmed to the idea. Taking pic's is easy. It's the making it interesting part. Ain't happening.


maybe I am meant to write now. My wife always says I write well. I have to laugh.....Seriously. If you knew me long, that is really so not me from school days. It is something that has gradually worked its way into me. Very slowly. Think it started with my Dad's Memorial Service. I had some stuff to say, and writing gave me the time to say it....with some thought, and order.

So...maybe I'll write for a bit.

I went to church this morning. Sharon Congregational. It felt good to be there. I have a bunch of close friends in my church family. They were all interested in my bandage on my hand. I had surgery on Friday. I had some growth removed from my left pinkie. So far, I'm feeling pretty good. I go to the doc tomorrow a.m. @ 10:10. Who sets an appointment for 10:10? Really? I'll be there. Hope he removes all of this club on my left hand. You should see me type. It really is pretty funny...lookin.... My daughter cringes when she sees me type. Sorry Cat. It's me.

Listening to Jack Johnson on Pandora while I type. I like his style. Clare is sewing costumes for the Good Friday service at St. Bernard's. She is down cellar. We have a room that wears different hats down there. Now it's the sewing room. At Christmas, it's the wrapping room. What comes next? dunno.

Writing can be fun. Not 2 sure it may read fun. I'll have to try again. get rid of this club, and it will go better....I hope.

Hi to Bob in Chesapeak and Charlie, somewhere in Texas. Hope you both are well.

I'll be taking to ya.