Saturday, March 31, 2012

8th Grade Spaghetti Supper--Sharon Center

No need to say much about the supper except it was a great one! The food,  from salad to dessert was great, the turnout was excellent and I am really happy we attended. A big salute and applause given to all the kids and parents who all worked very hard. Your efforts certainly showed. Well done! Special salute to Chef Lyle whom I was told was in charge this year. Whomever...well done!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Birds-eye view

Got to travel to one of my favorite spots in all of Sharon today. It was outstandingly beautiful! 

Behind the largest hill, to the left and  a couple of miles away is the center of .........Kent. The majority of the land you see in front of you are the state lands in Macedonia Brook State Park. Hardly any green thus far. Wait another month, and it will all awaken!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alright...listen up!

There are certain things we all need to do in this town.
Pancake breakfast at the firehouse to support the ambulance is one.
Spaghetti Supper to benefit the 8th Grade Class Trip is another.

Hoping that many-many-many of you all show up this Saturday. Be there or be square!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy day..

started cold, dark, dreary...down-poured and hailed by 11...did that a couple of times......then cleared up and was actually quite nice till about 7 when some clouds came in again....some sprinkles in Sharon after...that's been it. The forecast was for a nice morning and afternoon, with showers later and this evening.....was not even close..... Tonight I got home shortly after 8, and directly overhead and all to the south the sky was clear, the moon and Venus were doing their thing and everything above Sharon to the north was black and storming. Thunder. Lightning. Rain. 
Really a crazy day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sharon Country Inn

Just when I thought the Inn project was winding down, look what happened today! Trees. Lining the driveway. Give them a few awesome it will all look. That Eddie and his family sure are making a very appealing inn. Awesome job Eddie!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seeing green

The view out in some of my woods, where it normally is very grey and drab about this time of the year is amazingly, quite green....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Foggy Main

Went in to work this morning around 8:15 or so and it was another day of fog in Sharon and I am sure surrounding towns. Up on the hill, (where we live) it was not quite but almost pea-soup thick. It was s-l-o-w driving coming down Jackson, let me tell you! Down on the green, the fog was there as well but not as thick. Fun to see I could snap a pic and no cars were in sight!

The day today was absolutely amazing once the fog burned off. It must have been close to 80º in the shade and the skies were just gorgeous. It was another day of things greening up everywhere. Still March, and we are almost fully green in many areas. Amazing. I'll take it though. Far better than cold March winds, snow, mud, yuck. Yes. Much better.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

C.E. Buckley Amenia Union, N.Y.

So in my travels in the fog yesterday morning, I found another oft-times passed, but seldom stop and considered, piece of our areas local heritage. Seen below is one of the original C.E. Buckley plows, made for tilling the mother earth, right in near-bye Amenia Union, New York. This one sits on a patch of grass at the union, and is incorporated into a flag pole that flies our nations colors. The only internet info I found on it was from a book which said they were from 1892. One hundred and twenty years ago. I need to add this to my list to investigate someday when I go bother the heck out of the folks at The Sharon Historical Society. Probably something which sprang up from something to do with the iron ore which was all mined and refined in our area all those many years ago.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Open-door policy

I didn't stop to ask, but I wonder how long it's been since Phillip had all the doors open on his barn, to the north no-less, on March 19th before 8 a.m.? (and probably will have for the rest of this week!) The fog was once again covering most of Sharon this morning. I went from the Lakeville line to the north, and Wasaaic line to the south, up over Knibloe, Carey Hill and back down Lambert. There was fog everywhere. I'll give you, some places were thinner than others, but it was there. And once again by mid-morning, it was all dissipated and it was bring on the great day! Ready for this? I had 80º on my store thermometer, in the shade at 2:30pm! Absolutely gorgeous!

Couple of stories from today. One guy said he got sunburned. Awww. Ain't that a shame? He was shocked. Another said that nine months from this Sunday is Christmas. I love Christmas, but I threw him out for being a bad guy. :)

Grinrod Farm

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remarkable Day

Today started extremely foggy in Sharon. I didn't take any pictures of the fog. Try this......picture fog. A whole bunch of it. Really thick. That was Sharon this morning. But by mid-day it had all burned off and we had another glorious day. My thermometer read that we had 76 degrees for a high temperature today. It is the 17th of March, in northwest Connecticut. It's not supposed to be 76 degrees. And the week ahead is scheduled to be more of the same. My furnace is not running. I started doing spring clean-up, at least four to six weeks early,  for up here on the hill. Crazy. But I'll take it.

 And judging by the pictures below, can you guess what I also did today? Washed vehicles!!! In the words of Dickie V........."it's awesome, baby!"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Invading their supper time

This has been quite a week. The weather has been awesome, which enabled many folks to get an early jump-start on spring clean-up. I must admit I wanted to be home myself, out working on spring projects, in mid-March. But there was a problem. My part-timer was down for the count all week with a bout of the stomach virus which has fallen so many people this winter. Thus, I have put in a lot of hours at the store this week. He finally made it back into work last evening, and this afternoon as well. So, today I got to get out and enjoy our early spring for myself. I washed my truck for the first time all winter, did a little raking, and did a little photography. Not a bad day! Just finished a lovely dinner with my wife, and March Madness is playing in all directions. Two televisions, iPad, and computer. Could be on the cell too but only three games on at once right now!! I love March Madness, have I said that? I wait all year for this couple of weeks. I think it is the absolutely best televised sporting event there is. And the whole principal of it all, with the one-and-done playoff tournament, counting from 64 to final two in just a couple of weeks.....amazing! Love it when a fifteen seed beats a one, or a two....the best!!!

So, I ran into these girls( no they aren't "fenced in")  tonight as I was out getting sunset pictures, which may well be tomorrow's subject, as the sunset was pretty neat tonight. We'll have to see what tomorrow brings.....

Friday, March 16, 2012

and from out of nowhere came....

Logs! Neatly piled and all cut to similar lengths. These are all piled up just down from my house up on the mountain. I remember my neighbor saying there was a tract of land down behind his house, but I wasn't aware where the access was. I must say this company seems pretty neat so far. Of course, since we don't have any mud around, that sure makes for "cleaner" conditions. Wonder where this oak will go? I know years and years ago our oak harvested around here was all sent to Canada, then shipped to Japan and China, who made it into veneer furniture and sold it back to the United States.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The climate..

Dateline: March 13th
Location: Sharon, Connecticut

The first game of March Madness™ just came to an end, and Western Kentucky came from fifteen down with four minutes to go to win 59-58! What a game! Love March Madness! With that said:

~can you believe this weather? If it didn't hit it, it almost hit 70º degrees in Sharon today. On the 13th of March! And the forecast calls for warm weather right through the week, with it possibly hitting 80º next Tuesday!! I can say but one thing......very enjoyable. The furnace isn't running. My heavy jacket is remaining in the closet. The snow boots are there as well. The plow remains off the truck, having been used only three times this winter. After last year, this is awesome. It may-well snow in May, but we'll worry about that then.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying the weather as well.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet George.

     When our daughter graduated from college last May, she brought home a little extra baggage from school. Meet George. George was a rescue cat, and well he has now become a big part of the family. He's part-cat, part-dog. I have catches with him. I can throw a ball for umpteen times and he'll go get it, bring it back, and drop it at my feet! Not your usual cat trick. Where he does bother me is with the sleep I am losing. He decided I am his pillow, and he needs to sleep against me. The coming, and going, and moving around, is causing me to lose sleep. So, if you see me at the store yawning more than usual, or early, odds are George has something to do with it. 

     I would have settled for just the diploma.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Construction...a good thing!

Not much of late going on in Sharon for new construction, but I did run into this project just off South Main about ten days ago. Went by yesterday and the roof was on and windows in! Thats what I call progress. Not sure what the owner is building, but I know it replaces a old run-down structure, so that is cool that the new owner of the property cares about the out buildings, not just the main house. Looks like it could be a nice apartment or office area? Maybe exercise studio? Whatever, good to see.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's really important...

     Ones health is what really matters. Without our health, we have nothing. My little girl was real sick today and we needed fast, medical help. We were able to get it, and she is doing much better, some twelve hours later. Another day of rest, if I can get her to admit she needs it and stays home, will only help her all the more. This Dad was scared today, but is so grateful to our local hospital and its staff of doctors and nurses.
     We are so blessed to live where we do, in this time. And I am so very grateful.