Saturday, July 6, 2013

100 Year Floods...A recurring occurrence of late in Sharon...twice in the last two years.

One of my very best friends is Tom Bartram. Thus far, we've been getting along for about 55 years or more...... I respect Tom for lots of things...a life-long (so far) resident of Sharon....schooled in the field of meteorology....member of the Sharon Volunteer Fire Department, holding every darn position they offer (and a few most likely more than once probably) since turning 18....strong member of his church (St. Bernard's)....extremely active in Habitat for Humanity....former Selectman for the Town of Sharon..State Fire School Instructor...Town of Sharon Emergency Management Director.....There must be more I am forgetting...(Sharman will remind me I feel sure.. :)  )..

I tell you all of the aforementioned just to tell you that I overheard Tom recently say the statement in tonight's title. I never thought 5" of rain would cause such a problem in Sharon as it did last Sunday afternoon. Five inches poured down over Sharon Center in a little over an hour,  yet in Ellsworth, they had just over an inch. Roads flooded. Businesses flooded. Wash-outs all-over a mile or so square area. What a mess.

I hope I never see that much, that fast, again. But you know what? If I do, I know that Tom, and our cast of great volunteers, and dedicated officials and staff, and a whole bunch of work-together friends will help get us through it.

It's in those times of greatest need, when you really see who the real people of Sharon are. The ones who'll drop their clicker, and come and stand by your side, knee deep in water and do their very best they can to help you. 

It's in those times of greatest need, when I am the most thankful I live in Sharon.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day ---Sharon, Connecticut---2013

Just wanted to share a few pic's from Monday's Parade and Service in Sharon. I'll let the pictures do the talking. All I will was a special day, in so many ways.

The cutest little guy!

Drove in my own driveway Thursday night, in the almost dark, and this little guy walked down the drive in front of us, stopped, turned around and came back right past the truck. Between lack of light, using a zoom (which cuts down light) and him always moving, of all my pics, this one was the best.


Friday, May 24, 2013

One Big Barn

Addendum to Monday's post: That first summer I worked there, when I was 15......we filled this barn's mow with hay. I can't tell you how many bales, but it was well up in the thousands. THOUSANDS! And each one at seventy or more pounds apiece! ( Gayl made them as long as the John Deere bailer would make them, and pack them tight) Was just wondering...perhaps this is where my back problems later in life got their start....? I so have a desire to get up there now, introduce myself and see if they'll let me wander around with my camera.....

Stay tuned...