Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Town Truck. New Placard.

Well, seeing a new truck is not an unusual sight, as I think they replace a truck every year or so on the road crew. But this new door sign. Whoa! What do you think? Do you like it as it is? If you could change it, what might you suggest instead?

I ran into our town road foreman (Mark Anderson) briefly and got him to stand-still long enough to allow me to take this pic. The design part I believe was actually done jointly by a member of the town crew (Ray Aakjar Jr.) and Todd Tufts, a Sharon resident, owner of strategy graphics, and a very active sign designer here in our area.

My opinion? Strictly mine. Green is not my favorite color. I'm partial to other colors. On the green truck, I might have done something else. But as far as the design....I like it very, very much. Nice to see something new! Good job guys! Keep it shiny!


  1. I know I should have followed Sharon's history more closely. I know the Clock Tower and have no idea what the other two symbols mean?

  2. the bottom one is the furnace down in the valley, from the old days of iron ore, and making things....the upper right is a Hotchkiss wrench I was told. I have a number of them from my Dad and heard they're worth 2k a piece....ya, right....

  3. The monkey wrench isn't recognizable to me as important to Sharon's history, while the clock tower and Sharon Valley kiln are true landmarks. The wrench just looks like something they threw in to fill space. Or maybe a symbol of the worker -- like the hammer and sickle. You know those pinkos in town government!