Monday, December 27, 2010

One day closer to day closer to spring....

I think that I kept saying the above to myself yesterday as the first flakes started to fall.

 Now, just so you know, I don't mind a little snow. Heck, I can even like a storm or two. But I have to admit, the storm of yesterday afternoon thru, well right now, we're still feeling its effects at 9pm on Monday evening.....anyways, this was not one I particularly cared for. How one can say we got a foot of snow, or two, or 17.5 inches of snow is beyond me. This wind hasn't stopped at my home since yesterday afternoon. I bet its still blowing at perhaps thirty or more miles per hour and gusting to 40 or 50. It sounds like I live in a wind tunnel! Regardless, we all got a bunch of snow, the plow trucks have been extremely busy keeping roads open, as compared to just plowed. Drifts is the word everyone is using. I took a break from my store today for thirty minutes to check my driveway at home, and to catch a few sights. I got a whole bunch of amazing shots, but I thought this one was pretty neat. It kind of gives a good perspective on blowing snow. day day closer........

Tomorrow will be a better day. I'll sleep on that tonight.

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