Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

     Well, once again Santa showed up at my house, and there were a few presents under the tree for each family member. I hope he stopped bye your home as well.  My sweater drawer just got a perk-up, but no socks this year!  But with each passing year, I just realize that all I really want for Christmas are my kids to be home with us. I want them around, with their fresh minds to take me back with their "remember the time...." stories. To worship with them on Christmas Eve. To watch them eat foods this year that just a few years ago they were going "yuck". To watch them beam as we share a box of chocolate-covered crackers from Munsons. (a tradition started with their grandparents, Gigi and Pop, and Heberts Chocolate-covered crackers.) To see them sit and read new books they each got as gifts. Something new is added this year.....watching them check in with the world and friends on their iphones. And Clare as well reading a book(First Family-John and Abigail Adams) on her ipad (her one piece of technology I surprised her with a few months ago). The fire in the fireplace brings comfort as we all are just enjoying this day in our quiet way. Some "chowda" from Maggie and Paul will be our supper in a bit, and I bet I can find a glass of sauvignon blanc to accompany if I look around (hey, theres got to be a perk or two!). I know these types of Christmases are probably slipping away quickly, so I am listening to everyone, and taking many pictures.
     So Santa was once again good to me, and in my proud way, here is a picture of my best Christmas presents that I have ever received.

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