Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

It's my blog right? I can do what I want, right? It says so, right in the intro, from when I first started this ride. Come along for the ride if you want....I hope this doesn't scare people off, but I am going to make a statement. I love Christmas, for I am a believer. Not a daydream believer, like The Monkee's song, but a Christian believer. Tonight is without a doubt my favorite night of the year. Christmas Eve in Sharon. Tonight I worshipped with my family at St. Bernard's RC Church in Sharon @ 6pm as they are Catholics. And following that we attended the candlelight service at my church, Sharon Congregational. A very special evening with family, and with many good friends. At my church, our Christmas collection for almost 30 years has been given, 100% to The Hospital Albert Schweitzer, in Haiti. From the nation with the most, to one nation with almost the very least. And just a few hundred miles from America. Our donations have done much good for many years. We will continue this probably as long as our church exists. The little house in the photo below was made for us by some of those island people years ago.

It all makes sense.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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