Friday, December 31, 2010


It wasn't that long ago I was looking at this view....... August 26th to be exact...

Here's today's view....December 31st....

The time from then to now seems like a flash, a blink of the eye. I remember that morning like it was yesterday. Could my mind jump ahead to a spring view, with frogs croaking, lilies starting to blossom, and mosquitoes coming in the door of the truck as I prepare to take the picture?

 The new year starts in just an hour or so. This year with my blog has been fun. It has been a challenge at times, but such an enjoyment at others. My Nikon has enabled me to go and see and do things that just months ago I was only dreaming. For it, I am thankful. I have enjoyed the ride. I hope you have too.

Tune in tomorrow, and find out who I have selected to win my award that I promised. My Person or perhaps Persons of the Year.
Remember, this is all for fun, so have fun with it!

Oh, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to All!


  1. HaPPy New YEaR~ Rick! Isn't nature amazing! How so much life can start again every Spring and fill the scene by AUgust! Amazing! Thanks for the blog, it makes me think and remember ;->

  2. Happy New Year & great Blog!!!!

  3. i think your blog is fantastic. i now live
    in california, but lived in s. amenia for 20 years. i was the choir mistress for Christ church in sharon. i love this town and i miss it.
    thank you and happy new year!