Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Person of The Year Award......

 For a few weeks I have been thinking about doing a special in my blog, which I briefly mentioned a few days back. The special would be that I choose someone who I think deserves recognition. Deserves some praise. Maybe a round of atta-boys too. Perhaps a couple of BIG thank-you's. I think that they shall be the winner (or perhaps winners) of a very prestigious award. My "Person of the Year Award" for the Year 2010.

Now you may be asking what exactly makes this person, or perhaps people, deserving of such an award? Well, for starters they will have had to have done something which makes them deserving. Perhaps coached a champion baseball or basketball team here in town. Perhaps pulled someone from a burning car. Perhaps lobbied for some improvement which effect ALL of us here in Sharon, and in a real positive way. Maybe brought our town some credit it was due. Or perhaps maybe gave us all something to believe in and to be thankful for. Something along those lines will probably be part of the makeup for the award.

Now, the prize for winning such an award? Perhaps dinner for two at The Millerton Dairy Queen would be nice. Or maybe a dinner for two at Johnny's Restaurant in Canaan. Or better yet would be an afternoon lunch for four at The Raven. I mean, this is a special prize for a special person(s), and they should get what's coming to them. And, posterity that will last. At least till next years award....

So, be ready for the announcement on New Year's Day. It is sure to be earth-shaking! Many of you will be running to dcl page looking for that announcement, like a teenager to Facebook™.

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