Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prep for the Blizzard of 2010

 Ahhh, nothing like a little snowy forecast to make people nervous. To go along with that, nothing like a blizzard forecast to make people panic-buy on gasoline and milk and bread. Having once owned the nutmeg pantry for 17+ years, I got to live through it many times. I must admit, as a once-up-on-a-time Boy Scout, I know the golden rule of "be prepared". But you know what? Some people are like crazy-acting when it comes to being prepared. People will fill up their cars with gas to go no where but sit in a garage. They'll buy two gallons of milk when they drink about a pint a day. They'll buy bread to make enough sandwiches to feed both the home team AND the visiting team! Its crazy!

Today I went down to buy a few gallons of gas in the emergency need for a generator just when the flakes started to fall. Hopefully' I'll be pouring it into my lawnmower next spring. To see the people buying gas was on the edge of chaos. Cars were at times headed in about fourteen directions. Horns were blowing. Amazing!  Of course, the trailer was there dumping fuel, so that added to the chaos.

I hope you all stay safe during the storm, and that the worst thing that happens is you get two bills from your snow-plower for this storm. As they said on Hill Street Blues, "stay safe out there".....

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