Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh ya, it's warm weather time..

Tonight just confirmed it. I just got in from Bradley with son Andrew, and grabbed my shot of the day....very cool! A luna moth settled down for a moment and I grabbed this before he lifted off again.

Make sure you click on the photo for close-up....

And the final confirmation...while holding the door open to let us in the house, a june bug flew in and my family went into immediate hiding while he buzzed in the kitchen, then nicely flew down into the sink, where I swatted him to sleep with a Lakeville Journal. Ahh, a good use.


  1. Beautiful, so ethereal! When Luna moths become moths it is the end of their life cyce. THey don't eat while they are moths. Scheesh! Stop being such babies! And DON'T kill June bugs. They are predators on bad insects and they don't sting or bite.

  2. I just said he went to sleep....Scheesh! (like that word Karen!)

    Did I ever tell you about the time I hit a june bug while driving a motorcycle at night at about 50 probably? Like getting hit with a rock!