Monday, September 27, 2010

T-Minus 6 days!

The first of the groceries were delivered yesterday to The Sharon Farm Market. I peaked in the front door today and suddenly there was product on some shelves! I think I saw salad dressings, and the potato chip racks were filled to the front edge! Anybody besides me just a wee-bit excited that a market will once again serve our fair town, and it's up to us to help make them a success.

Having been in retail business for more than 30 years in Sharon, if you do not have the "locals" support, it doesn't matter how many weekenders you call your customers. Well, having known the Choi's for almost seven months now, I think I have come to a major clear decision. The Choi's care about you, and me and our neighbors. They are in Sharon for the long run and they are here to give us the best store they possibly can. And the folks they have brought in as their partners, Link and his wife in the meat department, and Alex and Lee, who will be running their JAM product lines and so much more in the deli and bakery areas, they too are very caring people. SERVICE will be for-real in the SFM.  And there is soooo much more. Sushi. Fish. Flowers. Produce. Oh ya. And Pizza, from Mizza's.

We've just gone since January 10th of 2009 with no market in Sharon. Twenty months. The Choi's have laid it all out on the line for Sharon. They have financially invested tremendously in this store, and more is being done, and will be done. We need to invest back with them, so Sharon doesn't find itself in this predicament again. I can't wait. This is going to be a good thing. A really good thing.

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  1. Can't wait - I've been starving for 20 months!!!