Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Left town again....(just for a little while!)

     Yep. You heard it right. I went over to Millerton for some diner food, as our diner in Sharon continues to figure out whether to be open or not (huh?)....

 The Oakhurst operates in what many of us refer to as the old Millerton Diner, at the foot of Main Street, across from Fish Street. I think it's owned by some of John Harney's family. I know they had a good selection of Harney tea's available!

     I find the diner to be fairly comfortable, and the help that I've met in the few times I've been there seem quite nice. The offerings food wise look quite tasty. I have enjoyed a good burger the two times I went. And it's not just a burger. It's believe it was angus or some special grass-fed beefer. Whatever. Yummie! If I was the old secret diner dude from channel 3, I'd think I'd give it 3 out of 4 forks......check it out sometime. At least it's open.

     After dinner, we took a stroll up Main, and I was checking out the antique store window. I got a kick out the bases for the lamps. Not my style, but, hey whatever works.....

     Now here was the one which really caught my eye. A sign.    Gay Farm, (for those of who have been around Sharon for a good while)you will remember was on Gay Street right in the middle of the flats, on the left, heading north. The owner that I remember for the many years was a family name Schmeltzer, Col. Schmeltzer I believe was his name. He brought Pete "Sarge" Ruggiera with him and they operated the farm thru the 60's and 70's, followed for a time by Peter Wood. The name Gay I believe came from someone named Gay Southwick, who apparently owned it prior to the Colonel. Least that's the little info I've dug up. Anyways, the asking price for the sign.....over $200! It could be yours......!

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