Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Beauty of the Beast!"

     My wife and I take pride in supporting the local Legion Post here in Sharon with there dinner fundraisers. Saturday night was the first of their roast beef dinners this fall, the next being in November. Friday night the work began of marinating the "beasts" in an old time-tested marinade. The recipe goes back to the 60's, when the local Masonic Lodge held beef dinners on the playground behind Sharon School.
Last two beefs!

The legion acquired their recipe some time back and it's just is so good! The group cooks 220 pounds of roast beef, which they acquire from Freshtown in Amenia, who has been very helpful to them in their purchases. The first beef was on the grill shortly after 11 AM this morning.
                                                               Down from Maine this week was Gene Stahovec, an old-time Sharon boy, who was preparing to enjoy the feed. He was there with his sister Judy Loucks and his mom, Alma Stahovec, who though she is moving along in the years was there and enjoying the feed!

Larry Hardisty ventured across the line from Amenia to support the group and enjoy the feed. We sat with Jack and Kathy Hawley from Lakeville, and enjoyed a nice chat over dinner. They say they always look forward to coming to Legion suppers in Sharon.

After the dinner, we caught up with brothers, Pete and Dennis Pederson, who I am assuming are the real "cooks", judging by the apparel and the fact that they always seem to be near the grill when I visit their suppers. Pete told me he enjoys the dinners, and the working together with the other guys. His wife is one of the ladies on the serving line. Oops...almost forgot....they also offer a salad, rolls, the beef, green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy. And there always is some kind of dessert, with tonights offering being chocolate-chip cookies.  For drinks they offer water, sodas,and coffee.

Dennis has always been a quiet guy, but you can always count on him being there to get the job done. I got a kick out of his shirt, which gave me a great laugh. That's also something I find to always be happening at any of their suppers. Always a good time, with lots of smiles and laughs going around at all the tables. It really is a great home-town  function, and you really get to meet many locals from neighboring towns.

Oh yes. Our mayor was at his post, collecting funds at the door, along with help from Bob Hock and his wife Marilyn (apologies if I spell her name incorrectly).

In October, (the 9th I think) they have a roast pork dinner, then another beef dinner in November. Come February, they have a bar-b-que chicken dinner, another favorite of all. So, if you missed in the past, I highly recommend any of the upcoming dinners, for a great meal and most-likely, a really good time!

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