Monday, September 20, 2010


     wish I had one. I took the long way to work this morning from Lakeville, coming down around Mudge Pond, alias Silver Lake, alias Crystal Lake.  I took a couple of pic's thinking they would serve for todays blog, BUT I'm not sure. I might have done this before, and I didn't take the time to look back to last year. So, if you remember and I did indeed repeat, please forgive me. My thought was to do a take on the Crystal Lake, because it sure was shimmering like crystals as I was driving bye, so I pulled off to enjoy the view. And the peace and quiet. A real gem!

     It was also very interesting to see how low the water level really is. My bet would be a good 5-6 inches, but I am just speculating. I don't ever remember standing down next to the water like I did, where I did.

     When I did get up to the plaza, I ran into JP (John Peterson), my neighbor from up on the hill. He was out in his Chevy Bel Aire, with John "JP" Perotti,(another neighbor) and they were waiting for the rest of The Robots (Retired old _astards out taking shots) who gather and go play a round of golf at a different club like every other weeks or so, from early spring to early winter. They play from the other side of the Hudson, north to Pittsfield, east towards Hartford, and everywhere in-between. Today they were playing local, just over at Torrington CC, in Goshen. Good for them!( and it picks up from yesterdays study with another great set of wheels!)

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