Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunrise in Goshen

 I traveled to the wilds of Torrington this morning to have automobile warranty work done at the dealer. I knew I'd be back late in the morning, so I took my camera along for the ride, and I was glad I did. Obviously, I was running to meet an appointment (7:30 in T-town) so I couldn't look for a special location but this one "on the run" turned out fairly decently. The cold blue January morning sky, with clouds and early morning vapor trails were just so bold. The golden sunrise was gorgeous. Plain and simple. The snow piled high reminded me I was in Goshen, but I must admit, I think there is just as much in Sharon. More snow is forecast, beginning in just a few hours. I do hope everyone stays safe during the next 48 or more hours, and that all of our houses and dwellings all stay safe and dry....Hope to hear from you all on the other side of this pending storm that you're all okay.....

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