Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gates of Andaron...hardly..

So one day last week I was out and about before work and I saw a possible picture and pulled over to take a look and it turned into another which I didn't count on. I walked off the edge of the highway and into some rough (brush, thicket and typical underbrush) and I captured the first shot (actually a series). As I turned around, this object jumped out at me, with the morning sun shining on it. What it is, if you don't know, is a part of an old fence gate. I am guessing it might be at least fifty or sixty years old. Little of the gate remains, having fallen to mother nature's years of fury. But this part was still there, and I just found it to be a neat bit of history. I hope to remember to go back in the spring or summer and take another look. Very cool indeed.

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