Thursday, January 20, 2011

having a problem.....

So, we're in America. It's a free land and all. Free choice. I know all that. But I'm just having a problem with this little matter. Paid emergency medical technicians and paramedics who smoke. And particularly..... while on duty!

Numerous times this winter I watch a paid professional paramedic pull his ambulance vehicle into the plaza, get out of his ambulance, leaving the drivers door open. Then, standing next to the ambulance door, he lights up a cigarette. Huh? And he thinks the smoke is not going in, as he stands directly next to the rig? And how his clothes smell? And breath?

And today I saw another professional service pull in the plaza and park. Out climbed two female employees, who walked around to the front of their vehicle, and they both lit up cigarettes. Is it me? I mean, I suppose they didn't get out and have a beer.....

I know this is probably a case of me sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. But, to me it's all about ability and about your image. Your abilities are hindered if you smoke, and the image you present, in the healthcare field, when and where people are really counting on you..... I don't know, but to me its just bad judgement. They should know better.


  1. I, too find this extremely frustrating. I have personally yelled at all my partners who smoke. That not only are they risking themselves but they're risking me because they're smoking next to a 20,000psi O2 tank and at least 3 other 2,000psi tanks. And I've seen what a burning ambulance looks like....

  2. I agree Rick. Smart smokers duck away for a quick puff or two, well out of sight. You're right, these EMTs should know better.