Friday, January 21, 2011

OK--get those thinking caps on....

I just was thinking the other day.....Ski areas added picnics and sightseeing to produce income in the summer. "Five State View"....."Spend an afternoon in the great outdoors". And those things have worked, depending upon the area. And in recent years they have added rope courses and toboggan-slide rides. Also helping cash flow where there didn't use to be any.

So what about golf courses? Surely there is something that could be done to get more use out of the land, producing some income. How about we as a town come up with an idea, patent it, and reduce the tax burden on the folks of Sharon? Hmmm? What do you say?

I stopped by The Sharon Country Club yesterday morning to have a few shots to help us with the thinking process.

There has to be something.......

In Sharon's case, nine holes worth of open land. Bigger courses, eighteen or more holes.....

There has to be something........Snowshoe races? Cross-county ski courses? Winter frisbee football games? Come on people....get to thinking!!

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