Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spelling 101

From a press conference today:
"My cards say Dannel. I insisted that we go back to my formal name, as opposed to Dan. I like Dannel. I'm hopeful that more people will spell it correctly in the future," he said. "I like the name that my mother gave me. She was fond of it. I've become attached to it."

I was very surprised this morning. I was out and about for a few moments before going to work, and I was, well, shocked, to see that the sign as one enters Sharon on 343 had the new governor's name fastened to the big "Welcome to Connecticut " sign. He was just sworn in yesterday!

 And his name is Dannel! Not Daniel. Get it straight now!

Now that we've got his name, number, and email, I think we're looking good.  I hope he is successful. Connecticut sure has room for some good leadership.

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