Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Substitute or Guest Star?

When my parents went on their getaway to Maine, I added myself (with my father's permission of course...HA) as a contributor to his blog so whenever he doesn't have the chance to post I can keep it updated. But I'm not content with being just a fill-in; I'm taking on the role of "guest star". (Which, by my own definition, means I can write about my own silliness.)

SO, since things have been fairly exciting for me the past few weekends, I thought I would quickly mention some of the fun things in the NWC that I have been lucky enough to partake in. Columbus Day weekend was a big weekend for everyone, not only because it was a long weekend but also because it seemed to be the last hooray in terms of summer weather. The endless weeks of WET have really taken a toll. Gardens, fields, and crops were not the only things that have been drenched. People's attitudes seemed to be too! But those few extraordinarily gorgeous days really seemed to brings some smiles to match the sunny weather. :) 

One of the many events that weekend was the Salisbury Fall Festival . An all weekend event, many local businesses, clubs, groups, churches got involved and had wonderful pancake breakfasts, scarecrow contests, etc. One event that I partook in was the 2nd Annual Hotchkiss Bearcat 5K to benefit the Housatonic Youth Service Bureau. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day nor more beautiful scenery! Ran on the Hotchkiss Cross Country course, the 5K brought back many memories of training on different sections...some better than others (anyone who knows "Cardiac Hill" will know what I'm talking about!). Not only was the run great, but it really was for a great organization. Nancy Vaughn, the director, said that they had more than 100 more participants than last year! With a fun run, 1K and 5K there was something for everyone. Here are the results. [Disclaimer: Despite the amazing weekend, I still managed to develop Lyme Disease and felt progressively more crumby. I finally got diagnosed on Tuesday and spent the next day in bed! Not that my times would have been that much better...but it might be a factor :)] 

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