Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moody's Diner

Saturday night past found us heading south on Rt.1 from Rockland towards Bath and on to Brunswick. When we got to Waldoboro, I pulled the car into Moody's Diner. We got there about 5: 45 pm, and walked in and we were seated at a booth in about one minute. If we'd walked in at 5:50, we would have been waiting for thirty minutes or more! Wow, do the folks go here! And they have been going since 1927! I enjoyed the nostalgia of it all, and the desserts were yummy. My meal was okay, but nothing to brag about, as was my wife's. Our friends did enjoy their meals, so maybe we were just expecting more? Whatever. I am glad we stopped, and I will try it again the next time I am in the neighborhood. If you're going through, give it a try would be my suggestion.

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