Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Removing Wallpaper.....Yuck!

I took this afternoon off from work at the store to continue work at the house. I am working on our living room. Currently, todays schedule was to finish about 3/4 of the rooms wallpaper removal and ripping up the other half of the carpet, under-pad, carpet cleats, and get it out and in the truck, ready for the dump tomorrow morning. With the help of my wallpaper steamer, I can say, it's done! Phew! Stripping wallpaper I rate right up there with digging a ditch with a hand shovel. Uggh. Anyway, it's done. Thank heavens....

In lieu of photo's of great interest, I am going to give a plug. If you are ever in Brunswick, Maine, I highly recommend The Lion's Pride Pub. Their food is awesome, and the feature 35 beers on tap, and none of the Coors Light/Bud Light varietals. The good stuff only. If your in the neighborhood, check'em out! I mentioned this on FB last week, and a friend who frequents Maine on business is planning on going there soon. You never know!

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