Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's a "guy" thing...

First things first...hopefully, I am now back on schedule. Sorry for the mix-up to those who are kind enough to follow daily. I found numerous subjects yesterday morning so I think I'm good to go again for a bit.

Second. Today's post. It is a crane, which was just raised and is being used this week at the early stages of the construction of the new "green energy" heating plant, now under construction at The Hotchkiss School in nearby Lakeville, Ct. Kind-of a guy thing, I know. It has all kinds of counter-balance, as can be witnessed in this picture. The crane is operated by a guy walking around with a little joy stick on the job. The power is from an electric motor, which is run by a very small, quiet Honda generator. How cool is that? No big monstrosity of a diesel fume-throwing machine thus far, other than the excavators which dug the hole.

I am told the plant will burn wood chips for its energy source, and burn them so cleanly that it truly will be amazing. A case of Hotchkiss investing their money, and doing something really good for the environment,  and for all of us. 

Applause, applause!

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