Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Aunt Mabel would say, "Saint's Preserve Us!"

     Friday at 8pm I found myself along with more than 100 other people (most of whom I knew, which is a note worth noting) upstairs at The Sharon Town Hall in The Chapin Room, all of us learning about a proposed resolution recommended by the Board of Finance. It was to appropriate 6.28 MILLION (!) to do just a whole bunch of major work to a whole bunch of our town roads here in town. Linda read the call, Mr. Kirby(once a student of Ed, always a student, therefore Mr. Kirby)) was moderator and First Selectman Bob Loucks gave the presentation. Bob presented I felt a very clear and understandable presentation about our roads, how bad they are, why they are bad and what he proposes we do to rectify them, and did so so that most everyone could grasp what he was saying, making us all mini-Micky Riva's!(retired local paving contractor)

Mr. Kirby allowed pretty much everyone to have their say, and just a bunch of questions were asked, and I felt they were all answered pretty well. Going into this meeting, I was pretty much convinced that I was in favor of the motion, but I wanted to hear the whole discussion before truly deciding. So, I did listen intently to all the questions and all of the answers. After probably a good hour of questions and answers, the motion was called. All in favor say aye.....AYE! one spoke. Even our ever present nay-sayer, who asked plenty of questions, either voted yes or didn't vote. Either way, I was a bit shocked. Not that it passed, but by the percentage that said aye, with much volume......

The vote was loud and clear. There was no mistaking the pulse of those attending. The majority want their roads fixed. They're tired of the patches getting patched. They're tired of the wear and tear it has put on our vehicles for years, not to mention our own minds. I admit it. I have down-right cussed our roads at times. I know that what they do will not be perfect, but it will me so much better. And if they indeed follow thru, and establish a timely, regimented maintenance schedule of them following this project, then, and only then, will this truly be a great thing. If they build them, and then never touch them again in 10 years, then they will have done nothing but spend a lot of money and fail to get the real bang-for-their buck.

I publicly say thank you to Bob and his supporters who worked very hard I am sure, in a relatively short-time, to bring this project to a vote. Bob spoke to this matter in his campaigning last year, and give him credit, he has followed through on his promise. How the townsfolk's decided was beyond his control. But he did as he said he would do. In all honesty, I was never convinced that others thought as I did, but last night proved me wrong. Or, did it actually prove me right? Only time will tell.

Step A and Step B are complete. Lets hope Step C goes as well.

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