Monday, August 30, 2010

We traveled down to Kent this past Saturday evening for a visit to their annual Kent fireman's carnival. My days of riding on spinning rides may be gone, but a delicious pulled-pork sandwich and an order of onion rings at a friendly carnival, supporting our neighboring towns volunteer fire company, now that I can still do!

I also tried my luck at the cake booth, but met with no success.

    The white elephant tent had some bargains left, and we did come home with a cute blue teapot. I was thinking about playing some Bingo, but Dr. Kissinger, Kent's famous homeowner and his wife were holding court, so I stayed clear of the gawkers, and hey, I might have been lucky, and beat him, and I could just see the headlines....Sharon wine shop owner takes down the former Secretary of State....wouldn't look good.

    Kent's Carnival is one of the last in the area, and in my mind, is one of the best. Next year, give it try and see if you agree. Plus, on the last night, which was Saturday, we saw a great fireworks display @ 9:30pm. Very cool!

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