Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Karl & Slugger

If you frequent the Sharon Plaza at all during the week days, odds are pretty good you might have seen at one time or another this man and his dog holding office in front of Rick's. The man's name is Karl and his buddy on four feet is "Slugger". Karl is a avid Giant's (NY football) fan and also a great Knicks fan in basketball. If you wanna talk either of those two subjects, check-in with Karl. He'll love it! And if you are more into the little four-legged guy, well Slugger is extremely friendly, and well, quite a ladies man. Karl talks to more women because of that dog! Way you go Slugger!

Also wanted to add.....Karl reads the Times, every day, and has for years and years. While his profile may that of down-home ole country boy, Karl is well-read and up on many subjects. Many!

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