Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congratulations Sharon Ambulance Squad!

I had the privilege this past Saturday to take a peak at the brand-spanking new and in-service Ambulance which our Ambulance Squad members have been raising funds for years. It was more of a "hey Tom (Tom Alden, Captain of the squad), come on...I need a pic for my blog". Tom was very gracious and gave me a quick pose. It obviously is a very proud time for the members as they get to now use that which they had worked so hard for. Obviously, we are ALL thankful to each and every member of the squad for all that they do for our community.

I am sure the ambulance is outfitted with lots of new items to help the squad preform their tasks, be it a rescue situation or a simple transport from the home to a doctors office for those who might need an assist.

The ambulance was on display most of Saturday morning, and I bet will be again. If given the opportunity, take a look and tour at the new "rig". If an ambulance can be beautiful, I'd say this one sure is that.

Oh, and keep those donations going in. Supplies, training. It never stops. But thats ok.

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  1. Thank you Rick for posting news about Sharon's new ambulance. We'll be at the Shopping Center every Saturday from now until September 18th. We give the grand tour for those who stop by to see it.