Friday, August 27, 2010

Soon end to a dead-end road?

If the sign is right, then the bridge over the Webutuck Creek will be re-opening next Wednesday, or so. And thus will come to an end the stillness and quiet that living on a dead-end road brings. Amenia Union Road in Sharon and The South Amenia Road in Amenia will again be roads that allow someone to get from here to there. Traffic will pick-up. Quietness will disappear. Dust. Racing motors. The calmness will drastically change I can only imagine, particularly on certain days and certain times. The casual strolls are probably sure to disappear as well.

Though not having the bridge I am sure proved to be a inconvenience at times, I bet folks along both roads sure enjoyed the quiet days and nights. Ahh well, like the last lick of an icecream spoon, all good things do come to an end.........

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