Sunday, August 29, 2010

LRP....a really big BIG member of the community!

OK, I know this is probably not high on the list of many of you as a thing you think about, or may have ever thought about, but let me pose a question to all of you. Back a few years  ago, when the whole Sharon Hospital transition was in its earliest stages, we were all having conversations like, what would Sharon do, or be, without Sharon Hospital. Remember those days? Well, thankfully the knight on the white horse (Essent) rode in and well, bought the hospital. So the, what if it had gone away, is not in our forefront thoughts, at least for the foreseeable future.

Skip to the point where I want to go with this blog entry..........Can you imagine things around here without Lime Rock Race Track? Seriously. Ever think about it? Give it two minutes out of your busy day, and think about the effect it would have to probably most every single town in our area.

Let's start with hotels/motels. Big user, affecting from ownership/management down to the guys who mows the lawn. Lots of people. Food establishments. Every town gets "eaters" I am sure, be they racers, or those who come to watch. From early April till snow flies, they are around. Some times busier than others, but, they eat just the same. Gas stations/convenience stores. Big numbers. Gas, ice, snacks, sandwiches, soda. All big sellers. Liquor stores. I own one. Believe me. They mean a lot. Again, some bigger times than others, but a definite needed influx. Hospital. Not a pleasant thought, but accidents do happen, both there and coming and going bringing customers. Fact... State Police. Traffic control. Safety. Another part of the mix. Stores. I feel sure the pharmacy/drug stores do their share of HBA, and other stores including them do umbrellas, ponchos, bug repellents, sun block, sunglasses, Perhaps maybe even a souvenir or two from t-shirts and caps...

And I have not even mentioned the employees of the track, from ticket sellers, ticket takers, office people, maintenance, grounds, electricians, sign companies, on and on. A big part of the community, that I bet many of us take for granted. And I haven't even mentioned Skip Barber yet. Many employees. Much equipment, which all needs attention.

Thank God for Lime Rock Race Track. A valued partner of our community. Amazing. Loud cars, going like the devil, in a controlled environment. Supporting a community. I hope Lime Rock Track lives on forever, for we all depend upon it..

Gassing up for ride home...

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