Monday, August 16, 2010

Back at it!

Well, I am just about ready to fire up the old DCL, and give it another go. The camera that died has been replaced with a similar model, and quite frankly I have been busy with a home project, a summer vacation and just general every-day stuff. I am thinking perhaps to go full-steam ahead by maybe the end of the week. Maybe I'll do an every-other day to start. We'll have to see. My thanks to those of you who offered cameras and support while I have been absent. I do appreciate your comments and such. So, stay tuned is what I'll say for now!!


  1. Go for it, Rick. I love your offbeat photos and sometimes goofy commentary.

  2. BTW I find that for the web, even cell phone photos can be effective (that is, in case this most recent camera of your gives out)