Friday, August 20, 2010


Bad pun from the Monti Python Spam-a-lot, but did YOU know that Lee and Alex and there talents are going to be doing the bakery AND the deli area at the new SFM (Sharon Farm Market)? Well, they are! You'll be able to enjoy the great cooking of Alex and Lee and all the goodies that they come up with plus all kinds of great breads.  They also will feature a full-line of grocery store cold-cuts and salads for those who may be more cost-concious.  Lee & Alex do make some incredible items, so one can only expect to pay a bit more for those items. They know the area needs products and pricing for more than one clientele, and they are very anxious to take on the challenge. JAM at the new SFM , to me, is a win-win! I can't wait! This store is just shaping out to be such a great plan. Patience is all we need now.....

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