Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playscape Fund Drive

Was on my way into work on Monday morning and I was wondering what my subjects for the next few days might be for DCL. Well, my daughters birthday rose to the top for Monday, but this sign @ Sharon Center caught my eye, so I want to give it a spot. Lots of money to this "old guy" for playground entertainment, but, hey, times change!! When I was there (don't ask when!) it was sandbox, swing sets, teeter-totters, and then we got high-tech with a tether-ball! Ask as kid today what a tetherball is. I bet seven out-of-ten haven't a clue.... But enough about old history. If you have the opportunity to help with a donation, at either a fund-raising event, or just dropping in a check....I am sure that a whole bunch of kids(and parents of today) will appreciate your contribution!

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