Monday, February 15, 2010

New Definition for the word "empty"

emp·ty (mpt)
adj. emp·ti·er, emp·ti·est
a. Holding or containing nothing.
b. Mathematics Having no elements or members; null: an empty set.
2. Having no occupants or inhabitants; vacant: an empty chair; empty desert.
3. Lacking force or power: an empty threat.
4. Lacking purpose or substance; meaningless: an empty life.
5. Not put to use; idle: empty hours.
6. Needing nourishment; hungry: "More fierce and more inexorable far/Than empty tigers or the roaring sea" (Shakespeare).
7. Devoid; destitute: empty of pity.

Here's the new one:
8. Sharon Shopping Center on President's Day. Wow.....

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