Saturday, February 27, 2010

Angelfood™ Anniversary in Sharon

It was just a year ago that The Sharon Congregational Church became associated with Angelfood Ministries™. Not a ministry with sermons, but a ministry with meat, produce, chicken, and other groceries. And all at very affordable prices. Sharon's grocery store had just closed in early January of 09', and the recession was affecting more and more families. Angelfood was a national program, and was just finding its way into northwest Connecticut. Pastor Jody Guerrera heard of the promises of the program and brought it to the membership, who voted to participate, and see if there was a need. Soon to be a year in Sharon, there is obviously a need. While the average month sees food going to roughly 30 families, those families continue to be there participating every month, and their orders in what they buy have been going up. They are doubling up on meats and produce, so as to carry them farther thru the month.

The church has also received support from numerous volunteers who show up each month to help distribute the food. The Sharon Women's Club has members helping every month as well. The folks in Sharon are providing a great service, which is available to anyone. There are no income restrictions or requirements. Orders may be placed online or at a few convenient locations in and around Sharon. This ministry is open to residents from ANY town. We have numerous folks from many areas communities each month, and have had since the start.

If you think you might be interested in helping save some money for your family grocery bill, you can checkout Angelfood at or feel free to contact The Sharon Congregational Church @ 364-5002 .

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  1. wonderful program. thanks to you Rick & the members of the congregation RWS.