Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Official..

A new market is coming to Sharon!!!! I have spoken with the landlord this afternoon, in depth, and wow is there something special coming our way! The deal will all be completed this coming Monday and full information will be coming after that point. But as of now, papers are signed and all systems are go. The future owners are excited to come to the area, and are currently owners of two others grocery stores and a large restaurant. They are professional in every way. My landlords are just so excited to be able to bring people with their experience and background to the area. They have had other opportunities to bring in others, but have held out for something that they felt was the best for Sharon, both now and in its future.

A new market in Sharon. Wow.....


  1. Great news Rick -- although you're leaving me hanging, dude!

  2. And I predict more will follow.............

  3. Not sure what anon. is saying with Guido's... A family from Long Island has signed to lease and is going to put together a speciality market. Supposedly will be very strong in produce, veggies, meat, fish, bakery, a floral department......kind of sounds like what Guido's in Barrington does, but its not Guido's that is doing it....hope this help anon.. :)