Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sneak Preview

     I have become friends with Eddie from Mizza's Pizza over the last year and as many of you know, he and his family have purchased the former Sharon Motor Lodge here in Sharon. They have had contractors laboring there since the early summer, restoring a rundown motel to what is going to be just a very fine, comfortable place to stay. From the shingles on the roof to the foundation, things have been fixed, thrown away, replaced and renovated. A whole new septic system is on its finishing touches of being installed out back. Rooms all have fresh paint, and all new furniture and televisions. Carpeting and bathroom tiling is in its final stages. All new door locks, air conditioners and more. Everything will be new. Everything will be up to todays building codes. The water heating equipment is on schedule to be installed this week.

     Eddie and his family are doing just a remarkable job. He is really making a huge investment in both time and money. I told him I can't wait to see him hang his "Vacancy" sign. I said I might have even had rented a room this past weekend what with a house full of relatives here for the holidays. If we had had just one more person, we wouldn't have all fit, and we would have had to rent a room somewhere. He smiled and said " invite more people next year"...

     He is planning on being open by April for sure, and hopefully in March. This investment for our town to me speaks volumes. A happy customer of his might have breakfast at our diner. Perhaps buys a paper at our pharmacy. Or some wine for a relative. Gas for their car. Flowers for the friend in the hospital they traveled from afar to see. This inn/ motel/ whatever he calls it can only help all of us. To use a partial line from My Fair Lady....."just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!'

     Different views from a couple of rooms....


  1. You mean to tell me the motor inn isn't on the town sewer system? You'd think Mizza would have been wiser to pay to hook the motel up. How far would the line have to travel down the driveway to Rt 44? It would surely add a lot to the value of the property. That's surprising.

  2. No it is not. The reason being, everything on this side of the hill is not on due to gravity..._ _it won't run up hill....only the shopping center is on the system because they paid to dig the ditch, put in their own pipeline and have their own pump. I believe xtramart joined on and pays my landlord for usage, but I am just guessing that...So, it's not about Mizza being wiser...

  3. I must be naive. I thought the towns themselves installed pumps here and there to facilitate the flow, especially in relatively high-density areas like your side of the hill. I know North Canaan has several and I can think of a couple in Salisbury. Oh well, I guess I know less about sewers than I thought.