Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Lights (and sirens) Parade

     Each year of late, many town fire departments in our immediate area have what they call a "Light Parade". Tonight's was in nearby Pine Plains, New York. I had been meaning to get over there for a few years to view this as I knew that they involved their whole town pretty much in one way or the other. Boy do they ever! They have many organizations involved in the vehicles and floats, and other groups giving away cookies and hot chocolate and more. There was an awesome raffle and other fun things going on too!  The town was all decorated and lit up for the holidays, with lights in many windows and post lights all lit up from stem to stern. The parade itself lasted for just over thirty minutes and features fire trucks from Falls Village, Kent and Sharon in Connecticut, and a number from around Dutchess County in New York State. There were old cars, new cars, electric cars, new tractors, old tractors, horses, ponies, miniatures and more. It truly was a very enjoyable small-town America parade at its finest. I applaud them sincerely!

     So, watch for a parade coming to or near your community in the coming weeks before Christmas. And when it does, get out there and show everyone good support!

     And in case you are wondering, I bet there was 1500 to 2000 spectators there, perhaps more. Then throw in easily a number of hundred involved in the parade directly as participants....WOW! A really big town function to be very proud of. Well done Pine Plains...well done.

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