Monday, November 14, 2011

George Markres's Father

The mysterious man yesterday was George Markres father. George Markres was our town's greatest photographer of town history, in my humble opinion. Fran did great work, Jonathan and Brian do great work. I try my best. George Markres. He was amazing. He was more than a photographer. He was a story teller. He showed us history. He showed us history. 

Stop at the town hall and see his work there, and visit the historical society for much, much more. Be sure to read the caption about George's father and his ladder. A great story.....

Father(and his ladder)

George Markres

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  1. The above posting is partially correct, partially wrong. I want to correct it, but blogger™ is acting up. The man listed as Geo. Markres, IS NOT that man. When I gathered this info for the blog, I read from a wrong posting. As soon as blogger works, I will correct it for all... Sorry!!!! Rick