Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Stripes! (or step #1 perhaps?)

     Last summer, after the last car "jumped" into the grocery store, the landlords of the plaza took a real interest in trying to see what they might be able to do to help keep the plaza safe for all. They hired a consultant who studied the traffic, took a zillion measurements and drew up nine different possible ways to change the parking and traffic patterns within the plaza. A meeting was held with interested parties and there was much discussion. This past weekend, a first step was taken at the plaza in what I think are going to be a series of changes to help aid safety for all. While I was at the meeting this summer, I am not involved in any way with these matters as I am but a tenant in the plaza. I have lobbied hard for years for the diagonal parking in front of the stores, and I am thrilled the owners have taken this first step. In addition to the angle parking, they have added more space to the areas surrounding the handicapped parking spaces, of which I whole-heartedly approve. Now, wheelchair vans and cars with wheelchairs and people who use walkers will finally have room to unload safely. I spent time last summer with my cousin who has lived her entire live thus far in a wheelchair (more than fifty years), and I now understand why this space is needed and I am happy to see it added here in Sharon Shopping Center. Yes, three "regular" spaces have been removed, but in the name of safety for those who need the room and just doing what is right for them, this will only will be a learning curve for the rest of us. But in my humble opinion, it's a long over-due good improvement. Anxious I am to see what step #2 might be (if there is one).

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