Saturday, November 19, 2011

New toys and the learning curve...

Okay, after supplying the "kids" with technology (iPhones for multiple years), yours truly has made the switch as well. My slide phone was three years old and scratched up very badly on the screen. So much so, I could hardly see what was there... I've been a good boy, worked hard and well, what can I say, I made the leap. Well along with that phone came the need for a new OS for the home computer, and it is just so different in many ways.......long-story short. I am having to learn a bunch of new stuff, so bear with me....please!

Today was the annual Sharon Women's Club Holiday Fair in front of my store. There were, wreath's and decorations, and all kinds of great baked goods, and some soups,and a raffle for a gorgeous little chair......just a neat bunch of items. It was a bit of a "behave" of activity!

One local was not very photogenic, and in a bit of a hurry....

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