Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Window @ Rick's

     How about a "Thanksgiving" moment here? I am so very thankful for my wife for many things. One on the list, but very important to me is for her guidance in decorating the store window at our store in the center. Store window decorations are a thing of the past it seems, but not to us. Every seasonal change gets a new display, and as the holidays change, they too get special attention. It was changeover night at the store with tomorrow being December 1st. We started at shortly after seven and just got home shortly after ten. No splash-slash for C.... She takes her time and turns every ornament and light just so. And all the labels on the bottles.....she goes outside and checks each and every one for correct positioning. I love her for all that she does, both at home and at the store. She certainly has an 'eye" for it! 
     Thank you C!

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